FREE: Lemon Law Aid does not charge the customer anything

Unlike some consumer protection attorneys, Lemon Law Aid does not charge you anything to handle your case. Lemon Law Aid’s fees and costs are reimbursed by the car company as part of settlement or by the Court, and if you go to trial and do not win Lemon Law Aid covers the costs. This means a few things – initially it means there is no obligation to you the consumer in retaining Lemon Law Aid to handle your lemon law claim. It also means that Lemon Law Aid is selective in the cases it takes on. At Lemon Law Aid your case will always be our priority.

FAST: Lemon Law Aid does its best to obtain quick solutions to your car problems

Lemon Law Aid makes every effort to resolve your claim as quickly as possible. While many manufacturers have ineffective consumer affairs departments that make pre-litigation resolution impossible, we will pursue pre-litigation negotiations when possible. When pre-litigation resolution is not possible or unlikely, we implement litigation and discovery strategies designed to move your case along as quickly as possible.

EASY: Lemon Law Aid makes exercising your lemon law rights easy

Lemon Law Aid’s founder has been handling lemon law claims since 2003 and has published dozens of articles and presentations on California and federal lemon law. Lemon Law Aid’s founder has personally handled over 3,500 lemon law cases, and our team has over 40 years of litigation experience. This means we know what it takes to make the lemon law process as smooth and easy as possible. While most of our clients never need to go to Court, when we do we know what to do. The most difficult part of the process for our clients is waiting for the end result, but apart from that the process is very easy for our clients.

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