Lemon Law Aid was founded by Joseph Kaufman, an experienced trial attorney who has handled lemon law cases since 2003.

Our firm was created after its founder spent thirteen years handling lemon law cases on the defense side, representing a variety of automobile, trucking and motorcycle companies. After many years and thousands of cases, Lemon Law Aid’s founder saw the need for a consumer protection firm who placed the interests of consumers first, and who knew how to resolve cases quickly, efficiently, and for the primary benefit of the consumer. Lemon Law Aid’s founder witnessed far too many lemon law cases take far too long to reach resolution, and created Lemon Law Aid to bring years of experience to the table to help resolve your lemon law claim as quickly and with the best result as possible. While there are plenty of lemon law attorneys out there, there are few who are as diligent, ethical, and who know the lemon law like Lemon Law Aid does.

Helping individuals is what we do best, and we know each and every step of the lemon law process, from resolving your case without filing a lawsuit where possible, through filing your claim, conducting discovery, participating in mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and all the way up to trial. Lemon Law Aid’s founder has been a regular author, presenter and trainer on state and federal lemon laws for more than a decade, and has years of experience to rely on to help you with your lemon. We have the practical expertise needed to get you the best result possible, having handling more than 3,500 lemon law cases and having tried or arbitrated dozens of cases. And Lemon Law Aid will always make its clients’ interests its number one priority.

Our mission is to provide the best representation available to consumers with lemon law claims, and to get consumers the justice they deserve and the protection the law entitles them to.


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– 2016, Opening

Joseph Kaufman opens his law firm, Lemon Law Aid, Inc. in Pasadena, California,